the Secret Language of Shadows.

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I’ve got an upcoming exhibition, entitled the Secret Language of Shadows, with fellow artist (and artistic fellow) from Woodend Mill; Martin Walsh.

Not sure exactly what will be in the show as Martin and I are firing ideas and works backwards and forwards and creating pieces in response to each others work.¬† It will feature painting+sculpture+other, (and maybe sound and movement). I’ve got a few pieces in progress in the studio…

sphere-17-test works-in-progress-in-the-studio






Mud, Mars bars, crabs and ink – Ribble Rediscovered creative engagement

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Our first creative engagement drop in at the Ribble Discovery Centre involved print making in responce to invertebrate life found in the mud of the Ribble Esturary.

From two half buckets of mud we discovered: rag-worms, hydrobia snails, crabs, shrimp and seaweed. Visitors to the centre investigated these creatures and then made block prints inspired by what they had seen and some great artwork prints were created.

My favourite estuary mud fact: One square metre of Ribble Estuary mud holds so many worms, shellfish and shrimps that it is equivalent in calorific value to twenty Mars bars ( and probably tastes similar!) – that’s why it attracts so many birds…

Crab fact of the day learnt from¬† one of the young artists I met: How to tell if your crab is a boy or girl! If you look at the underside of a crab (being careful not to harm it!) a male crab will have a triangle shape at the rear of it’s underside and a female crab will have a broad rounded / elliptical shape – fascinating what you learn on a creative engagement session!