As yet untitled (Throwing Away Information)

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As yet untitled (Throwing Away Information) is a piece of entropic art which started as a blank MDF board used as a work bench in my studio. (A blank table top state with zero information and unlimited potential?). Through use over a number of years and for various tasks it was rendered useless as a bench top, covered with a build up of marks, stains, scars; the echoes of the work produced. It had been a vital part of the process of creation but had to be renewed.

When removed and stood vertically outside the studio it became apparent that the board had a striking aesthetic and that it’s surface had been transformed to a state of high entropy (if entropy equals information?). It can be read as an abstracted history of the work produced – I can identify pieces of work made on the bench from clues within the strata of marks.

The piece’s aesthetic and visual interest has lead me to keep it and present it as an objet trouve. Not created as a definite piece of art but one that evolved and now exists through the resonances provoked by it’s surface…

The piece is also a new  departure in that it works as both a purely aesthetic and as a political artwork.