Instinct Chair for counterpArt Lytham

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Commissioned by counterpArt Lytham as part of Lytham Festival 2016.

Created in collaboration with artist and printmaker Jacqui Symons and reflecting their shared interest in entomology and concern regarding the decline in insect species worldwide. The instinct chair celebrates the diverse beauty of these creatures and encourages the viewer to see these ecologically vital creatures in a new way.

By re-imagining insects as a chair the piece explores the structural beauty of the insect form and their unimaginable variety of shapes, inviting the audience to encounter these creatures in a new way.

The piece plays also against instinctual reactions to creepy crawlies (of disgust or unease perhaps mixed with fascination) and touches on the uncanny through use of scale and the re-purposing of the familiar everyday object of a chair in combination with the unfamiliar yet also everyday life-form the insect.

We hope the audience will look closely at the printed fabric, which shows 100 species in detail and perhaps take a seat amongst them.

The chair is being exhibitied at Lytham Heritage Centre until August 14th 2016.

Please note: None of the insects included pose a threat to the viewer and no insects were harmed in the making of this piece.

The artists are currently working on a series of ‘altered chairs’ and pieces can be purchased and commissioned from them.


the Secret Language of Shadows – exhibition preview

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Friday 12th September saw the opening of mine and Martin Walsh’s exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery. The install for the show had been a busy two days of moving artwork around, changing layout and trying to get lighting to work to suit the pieces – neither too dark nor too light. Luckily the preview deadline made us stop tweaking and walk away with the acceptance that the show was ‘finished’ otherwise there is every chance we’d still be moving and changing things now!

The preview evening was really pleasant; our select guests looked around the exhibition and seemed to respond to the work in the way it was intended and it was great to see their reactions, discuss the work and have a catch up with old friends. Thank you to everyone who attended – it was great to see you all.

The exhibition is up until 28th Oct so if you didn’t make it to the preview please pop along and have a look – any comments much appreciated.

Amadeus-&-chair artwork-or-booze-trolley- M&C-investigate-a-pointless-device Martin-Walsh-(dressed-as-Steve-Reich)-explains-to-Pat-Baker,-the-chair-looks-on pointless-device-#7-the-dipper at-the-tipping-point art-in-a-box-



the Secret Language of Shadows.

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I’ve got an upcoming exhibition, entitled the Secret Language of Shadows, with fellow artist (and artistic fellow) from Woodend Mill; Martin Walsh.

Not sure exactly what will be in the show as Martin and I are firing ideas and works backwards and forwards and creating pieces in response to each others work.  It will feature painting+sculpture+other, (and maybe sound and movement). I’ve got a few pieces in progress in the studio…

sphere-17-test works-in-progress-in-the-studio