Mill Memory Lapse revisited – a journey into the past with composer Peter McGarr

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triptych-02I’m currently revisiting Mill, Memory, Lapse – a piece of work I created (unbelievably) five years ago. This  personal archeology has been led by composer Peter Mcgarr who has created a new soundtrack for the piece. He actually started creation of around six pieces inspired by the film (including a work that became the award winning Dry Stone Walls of Yorkshire) but this is the first version he has felt happy to share as truly part of MML. His new work is very, very good, totally different from my own mental/imagined soundtrack and a world away from the sound-scape I created to accompany the work when originally exhibited.

Talking to Peter about his creative process and complications in making ‘music for images’ has resonated with my own feelings during  creation of moving image for compositions by the Sterling Trio. He has rekindled my interest in creating further moving image and sound works.

I’m also finding it fascinating to revisit MML after this long and especially through the audio lens of Peter’s work. I’m surprised by how much I still appreciate the piece, despite flaws that are now very obvious to me (although I can’t recall if they were obvious when it was being created). I’m tempted to revisited and re-edit  and am definitely inspired to create further moving image work using a similar approach. Thank you to Peter for your belief in Mill / Memory / Lapse / and your creativity in producing the soundtrack – I look forward to hearing the orchestral version performed live soon.