Mossley park Art Project – school creative sessions

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For The Mossley Park Art Project I’ve been asked to create a piece of permanent public art for Mossley Park in collaboration with local school children. The artwork’s sculptural elements will be created from natural materials with detail and decorative elements created from work produced by the young participants during the creative sessions.

The start point for the artwork is ‘the tree as habitat’ and aims to reflect the importance of the trees in Mossley Park as part of a habitat shared by a multitude of flora and fauna.

For the creative sessions I spent three days working with years 3, 4, 5 and 6 from Micklehurst All Saints Primary School.

We spent the morning exploring the wooded area of Mossley Park and sketching forms, shapes and patterns to inspire the sculptural elements of the artwork and undertook a ‘bughunt’ and habitat investigation with Lesley Bardsley from TMBC. Thank you to the Friends of Mossley Park for the loan of a key to access the wooded area of the park!

The afternoon was spent back at school creating block prints inspired by our investigations and visit to Mossley Park, these prints will be translated into decorative and informational elements of the final artwork. A big thank you to the all the staff from Micklehurst All Saints School for letting me take over their classrooms each day and getting involved and helping make the sessions a big success.

We all had a great time and were lucky it only rained on one day!



Bromley Farm Totem installation

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It’s taken a while to get there but we have finally installed the Bromley Farm Totem created with young people from the Bromley Farm Community Centre over a year ago.

The totem consists of three upright cast stone ‘pillars’ inset with letters spelling Bromley Farm and hand casts of all the young people involved. The installation only took a few hours as and worked flawlessly, dropping the elements into the concrete foundation we’d cast the day before, followed by some slight tweaking to vertical with wedges and then cementing the pieces in with concrete.

The artwork looks great in-situ, really suits the location and adds a much needed identity marker for the community centre.

Ribble Rediscovered site visit

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A beautiful, blazing summer evening and we spent a pleasant few hours touring the Fairhaven Lake site and discussing locations and approaches for the One Wing Amongst Many and trail artworks. It was great to discuss the artworks with the RSPB steering group and also chat to the other artists about their pieces; some really interesting work is coming out of this commission and I’m fascinated to see how it all works.